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Single waterbed, comfortable sleep, six months old. ideal for back-pain, arthritis and rheumatism in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire for sale

Single waterbed, comfortable sleep, six months old.

This is a single waterbed, manufactured by the original and best waterbed company in Britain. It is the most comfortable bed to sleep on, once you get used to it (which doesn't take long). The soft-side is much more comfortable to get in and out of bed than a wooden frame. I have used these beds for over 20 years. We bought this one six months ago when we moved house, but now my husband has broken his hip and needs a hospital type bed. It cost us £1,200. Full assembly instructions will be provided. Collection only from North Bristol - Chipping Sodbury. It is thermostatically controlled to your preferred body heat. Needs little maintenance. Every six months apply one bottle of conditioner into the mattress and apply vinyl cleaner and conditioner to the surface of the mattress. One bottle of each included. Following are some extracts from the manufacturer; from experience I agree with what they say (I have asthma and ME. This bed gives me the quality of sleep and allergy free environment I need.) "Waterbeds are comfortable, hygienic and durable. They are the best sleep system we know to help our bodies relax and to provide maximum body support. Wake up refreshed on a waterbed. Our waterbeds are ideal for healthy everyday living. They also significantly ease the discomfort of back-pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Waterbeds are highly recommended for asthma and allergy suffers." "SUPPORT, COMFORT, HYGIENE & DURABILITY These are the essential qualities you should be looking for in any bed. The Hydrobed waterbed excels in all four. The HydroPedic water mattress simply displaces to contour to your individual shape and weight, providing the best body support. It does so with the least pressure, maximising your comfort. At the end of the 1980's, the British Waterbed Company received a grant of patent for an innovative new design for a softside waterbed. The design added new practical benefits and further enhanced the superb support and comfort of their original waterbeds. It was the only waterbed patent granted to a British company in the Twentieth Century. The removable zip-off quilted tops can be laundered for better hygiene (replacements are available as required) and the surface will not sag or settle - providing virtually the same support, comfort and hygiene for years and years. The Hydrobed waterbed is a stable, comfortable, supportive sleep system. It helps you to relax and provides a very healthy sleeping environment